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Father and Son Using GPS

Stop worrying. Start tracking.

Track at the palm of your hand. Take control of your move and track your household goods (HHG). Our advanced global tracking device is safe and globally effective.

We're giving you peace of mind. Enjoy your experience today.

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Step 1. Order your Nice Move CITY GPS 

Step 3. Activate your GPS, pack it into a valuable box, and track your shipment

Step 2. Download the Nice Move CITY app



No service fees for three months. 24/7 online support and airtight security.

Watch the route your HHGs are taking.

Monitor the speed and distance traveled daily.

Digital inventory Management

Organize your move with our QR code inventory management system. Add pictures and detailed descriptions to your boxes

Airtight Security.

No one can break into your location. Not even us.

Personal Move: Track your shipment on your phone, so you can relax. 

Industry: Make your container a smart container.

The App

How Nice Move GPS Works

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Personalized Experience

Order your Nice Move CITY GPS system and download the Nice Move CITY app. Activate your GPS .

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Accurate Tracking Technology

Place the Nice Move CITY GPS in a box and watch your HHG's every move!



  • What are the GPS dimensions?
    3 in (L) x 1.5 in (w) x 1 in (h)
  • How do I create a move on the Nice Move CITY app?
    Step 1: Create a Move Name: Give your move a relevant and unique name Step 2: Add a Start Location: Enter the source location for the move Step 3: Add an End Location: Enter the destination for the move Step 4: Add your Tracker Id: Select the tracker id you will use to track the movement. One tracker can be used for tracking one move at a time. If the selected tracker is in use to track another move, then it will show you a warning message Step 5: Once you enter all details to create a move, click on the “Save” button. Then you will see a pop-up to proceed with an inventory update. You can continue to update inventory, or you can do it later.
  • What are Move Details?
    Move details will include details on the tracker ID used to track the move, last location update details with time stamps, and an inventory summary like count of boxes, item tags, and images.
  • How do I end my move?
    When your move reaches the destination, you should end the move. It will release the tracker to get used in another move. Once you end the move, you won’t be able to edit the move or inventory details, but you can see them.
  • How do I add an item in Box Details?
    Step 1: Create a Move Name: Select Move in which you want to add the box Step 2: How to use the Box Label: Scan the QR code to update the box label here. You can also update this field manually. Step 3: Identify a Box Name: This is an optional field, you can give a name that is meaningful and easily related to the things which are lying in the box Step 4: Add Images: This allows you to add images of things or open boxes which you’re storing in the box Step 5: Add Item: You should update a list of all important items in the box. You can search the box by using this item’s name. So, you will never miss your important things

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About Us

Our Story

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We are changing the culture of moving.

Carolyn Nice is the founder of Nice Move CITY. Carolyn experienced moving as a Soldier and Spouse with over 20 moves (and counting). She understands the emotional stress of standing in the driveway and watching personal items drive off with a stranger. 21st-century moving demands 21st-century technology to monitor where the truck is, what route it’s taking, and when it will arrive. Carolyn is changing the moving company culture by providing GPS tracking for her customers with her Nice Move CITY GPS and app. She is currently serving as a Reserve Logistics Officer for the US Army.

Red Hulk Logistics LLC donates part of your purchase to prevent Service Member and Veteran suicide. We also sponsor ten wreaths to Wreaths Across America to "REMEMBER * HONOR * TEACH."

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